The Lublin region is in the easternmost part of Poland. The region is situated between Poland’s main river, the Vistula and its right tributary, the river Bug. The river Bug is a natural boarder between Poland and its two neighbors, the Ukraine and Beloruss. The Lublin region was always a cross road between the Eastern and Western Europe , as regards to geography, nature, culture, religion and trade. The region took its name from the historical town of Lublin, whose origins can be traced back to the sixth century. In the fifteenth century Lublin became the capital of the province. Lublin has witnessed several of Poland’s important historical. Events, including the Union with Lithuania in 1569. It has several high monuments, including a royal castle, and is now the seat of two universities. The folklore of the Lublin region is interesting because the various influences from its neighbors. The Lublin have their origin in wedding festivities. They vary in tempo and mood.


Syrena’s Lublin suite is comprised of the romantic and nostalgic Lublin Waltz and the energetic Polka Podlaska. The popular walking dance of Mach, the fast moving Cygan and finally the exciting Oberek.

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