Bal Maskowy

Every year in February Syrena presents our “Bal Maskowy” (Masked Ball) in the elegant Grand Ballroom of the Wisconsin Club downtown.

This formal affair brings to Milwaukee the tradition and charm of “Old Warsaw” and the European elegance of “Old Vienna”.

A four course dinner is followed by the traditional Polonaise performed by Syrena in flamboyant costumes of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Dancing is to the music of the Anthony Kawalkowski Orchestra from Chicago, a fixture at the most prominent Polish balls across the country. Orchestra breaks provide for other excitement, drawings, waltz mixers and more.

Attendance is by invitation only, please contact us for details.


2 thoughts on “Bal Maskowy

  1. Hi, I requested an invitation on 12/24/2013 but did not receive. Today is 1-12-2014. Could you please send one to me? Thank you. Judith Free 5201 S. 20th st. Milwaukee, WI 53221

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