A Year in Review!

Syrena Polish Folk Dance Ensemble had another busy year in 2019!

Perhaps the biggest accomplishment of the year was Syrena’s trip to Rzeszów, Poland for the World Festival of Polish Folk Ensembles. Syrena brought five suites–Kieby Jo Mioł Skrzypce, Noc w Spiskiej Karczmie, Wesele Góralskie, Nowy Sacz and an American disco. Under the leadership of choreographer Duane Tomka, Syrena received recognition from several international Polish ensembles for the intricacies of Syrena’s gala performance of Kieby Jo Mioł Skrzypce.


Syrena had another successful Bal Maskowy to start of 2019 at the Wisconsin Club. To celebrate the ensemble’s upcoming trip to Poland, Syrena debuted a compilation of dances from four regions in Poland.

The ensemble celebrated the Easter season with its Święcone Easter buffet at Blessed Sacrament Church. Syrena also performed at the Portage County Cultural Festival in May and welcomed traveling groups to Milwaukee for two performances at the Polish Center of Wisconsin.

Despite cold temperatures, Syrena had a fun weekend at Milwaukee’s Polish Fest. The ensemble once again participated in the PFDAA gala and performed throughout the three-day festival.

This fall, Syrena celebrated the wedding of one of our dancers with a special performance of Spisz. The ensemble also debuted its new national Oberek suite at the 71st annual Holiday Folk Fair and returned to Milwaukee’s Christkindlmarket for a second year.


Syrena is excited for more shows in 2020!

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