Check out Syrena at Polish Fest!

As is the case every year, Syrena will be performing at all three days of Polish FestClick here for the entertainment schedule.

To support this summer’s trip to perform in Rzeszów, Poland by purchasing a Syrena t-shirt!  We will have them for sale at the Cultural Stage during our performances there.  We also have a GoFundMe set up in case you wish to make a direct contribution.

Hope to see you there!

1 thought on “Check out Syrena at Polish Fest!

  1. I bought two T – Shirts at Polish Fest this Year to help support this. I am actually going to wear it to dance rehearsal next week. I might buy a couple of extra shirts if they are still available. I Love the way that they put the Polish Flag on the sleeve. I Love the colors & the design on the shirt. It is very cool

    Respectfully, Joseph Alexander Suchorski
    “The Polish Panther”

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